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Bring Evolving Learner to You

Check out our resources, where you’ll find everything you need to create a meaningful professional learning experience for your school or district.

Evolving Learner:The Movement

Evolving Learner focuses on ways to:

  • Take ownership of your own learning and reignite your passion for education and leadership

  • Dig into cycles of inquiry to empower students to become the owners of learning

  •  Nurture hearts and minds of students and adults through Social Emotional Learning strategies

  • Make learning visible for teachers and students

Make it Fun!

 Bring Evolving Learner to you in a creative way like having a Glow Up Party or making it a summer read by doing Poolside Professional Learning.

Shop For the Party!
Click below for all the materials needed for your kickoff event. 

Backwards Book Club

Free Discussion Guide

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