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Learn from Kids, Peers, and the World

to Transform Professional Learning

Education and the needs of educators and leaders are changing- now, more than ever. With unpredictable, fast-changing educational landscapes, it can be hard to keep up and feel confident in your next move. How can we move away from a single-delivery, ‘one-size-fits-all’ professional development (PD) approach and delve into the ever-expanding world of tailored professional learning (PL), that is available at any time? Join the Evolving Learner movement and explore:

  • Taking ownership of your own learning and reigniting your passion for education and leadership

  • Cycles of inquiry to empower students to become the owners of learning

  • Caring for the hearts and minds of students and adults through Social Emotional Learning strategies

  • Combat ‘pandemic fatigue’ through reflective and proactive SEL practices

  • Techniques that make learning visible for teachers and students

  • Cutting edge strategies for applying technology and social media into professional learning and your classroom

Editorial Reviews

"Evolving Learner is a unique balance of incredible creativity, knowledge of innovative professional learning practices, with a deep appreciation for the emotional side of change. This trio of authors has done a remarkable job of making research-based techniques of empowering the learner come alive. Filled with practical stories from classrooms around the world, this book will super charge educators to more deeply understand the needs of students to help them expand their own boundaries of learning. Of particular note, are the strategies to help students own their learning and educators to build collaborative classrooms. This book honors the role of the teacher as the head learner. The knowledge and wisdom within these pages is the reference and guide that we need to build healthy classrooms for students and teachers."

 -- Alan November, Founder Published On: 2019-12-02

"As time moves on so does the reality that students of today are not the students of yesterday but the teachers haven’t moved on in the same speed as their students, technology and the world at large. The needs and expectations have jumped ahead 100+ years.  Today’s teachers need to be as modern-thinking as the students they work with on a daily basis.  Evolving Learner is a great step in moving in the right direction to meeting not only student needs to enter the world of discovery- learning but teacher needs through collaboration and project based learning as practices. I celebrate the authors and the work that has been done to get the process started. "

-- Claudia Danna Published On: 2019-11-04

"Societal changes, through the use of technology, should impact how we educate students and the overall pedagogical viewpoint of education. Like meeting student needs, teachers need, and deserve, to have updated, professional learning that meets them where they are rather than a one size fits all situation. Empowering teachers to move forward and personalize their own learning will move professional learning years ahead of where we are now! Evolving Learner offers guidelines, examples, and strategies to move professional learning ahead at the same rate we offer our students progression in their own self-empowered learning."
-- Patti J. Larche Published On: 2019-11-06

Evolving Learner is a fast and easy read but is jammed pack with ideas that can be implemented tomorrow whether you are in the classroom, supporting teachers in the classroom, or supporting your organization as whole.  As a school leader myself, it provides meaningful and relevant strategies to reframe professional development for your organization.
-- Dr. Sammie Cervantez Published On: 2019-11-12

"Evolving Learner offers a compelling message of hope for educators across all disciplines in moving from an idea to implementation.  It is an easy read and a great time saving topic for busy administrators offering a practical solution to facilitating the process of change from professional development to professional learning experiences. This is the one tool needed by all that is a research based process to enhance the growth and development model of one’s organization."
-- Debra Paradowski Published On: 2019-11-07

"Evolving Learner is a timely resource for administrators that are planning professional learning, but also for educators that are looking to take their own professional learning into their hands."

-- Katina L. Keener, M.Ed. Published On: 2019-10-29

"Districts and schools need to look at personalizing the learning for the teacher.  Evolving Learner is a well written book that conveys and gives great examples of how this can be done."
-- Stephanie L. Turner Published On: 2019-11-08

"Although teachers have often received training on differentiating instruction for students, most professional development for teachers continues to be ′one size fits all.′ Evolving Learner explains how to make the shift to professional learning that differentiates for teachers, providing meaningful experiences that will in turn promote positive change in the classroom."
-- Melissa Miller Published On: 2019-10-31

"Evolving Learner sets learning up to be successful for everyone on the team, including the teacher and students. This book provides necessary tools to develop a wonderful learning in a community."
-- Tamara Daugherty Published On: 2019-11-01

"Evolving Learner offers a fresh approach to professional learning that all educators will find useful."

-- Linda Diaz Published On: 2019-10-06

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