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Behind the Scenes of #BitmojiClassrooms

How do you create a classroom when you are not IN school? This has been on the minds and hearts of teachers everywhere during school closure and #distancelearning. In many ways, the classroom space is a canvas for many teachers. It is a community space that is highly curated, lovingly cared for, and representative of its occupants. Without it, many teachers and students have felt less connected to school and the magic that happens within its walls. Luckily, the internet community is vast and rich and can produce incredible ideas for maintaining connection and fun for teachers and students! A quick search on Facebook or Twitter can help generate great ideas, and the community that you connect with can become a positive force for change!

(Photo Credit: Jessica Matheson)


Bitmoji- the cute and creative digital avatar app- has quickly catapulted into the toolbox of millions of educators across the globe. Educators everywhere have started creating "Bitmoji Classrooms"- spaces that are creative, fun, and USEFUL. Some classrooms mirror the spaces left behind (down to the books and plants!), others are imaginative and invented spaces for learning. Lessons on the solar system might be the teacher floating in space, a lesson on ocean mammals might take place under the sea- the possibilities are limitless! Like a traditional #hyperdoc, objects are linked to lessons, videos, tools, or assignments that students can use to click, learn, and explore.

(Photo Credit: Jessica Vega-Brown)

Why Is This Important?

Like we've said- a classroom is much more than four walls. It reflects the teacher's personality, the dynamics of the students, and the content and learning that happens within it. Teachers everywhere are finding that these spaces are creative outlets that have been described as 'creative and fun,' 'something different,' and even 'therapeutic'! Students are highly engaged with a more dynamic and personalized platform- these spaces are a far cry from a daily work checklist!

(Photo Credit: Jordan Priestley)

Taking it Further

#LearningfromtheWorld can generate great ideas, but it can also completely transform and launch those ideas into things we have never considered. The education community has undoubtedly done this with Bitmoji! One glance in the "Bitmoji Craze for Educators" Facebook group (nearly 95,000 members strong!) will show you how AMAZING the power of networking and idea-sharing is! Educators from all over the world have shared digital libraries, collaborated on ideas, taken Bitmojis, and created amazing tools and products, including the following:

  • Bitmoji Staff Talent Shows

  • Bitmoji classrooms for teachers including surprises like linked gift cards

  • Animated Bitmojis

  • Flat Teacher activities

  • Virtual Class Photos

  • Bitmoji classroom resumes for teachers on the job hunt

  • Virtual Field Trips

  • Grade level, subject after, and theme ideas by the hundreds!

Time to Learn

What Now?

When we learn from Kids, Peers, and the World, we exponentially grow. Things that once seemed impossible (or weren't even 'things') become possible through the power of reaching out. Ideas like the Bitmoji classroom and its spinoffs happen when we create and collaborate together and become a community of learners! Share your #bitmojiclassrooms and other ideas below!

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