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I’m Sorry Story

#SELday is March 26th and what better way to teach Social Emotional Learning than by having kids teach what they know about it?

Like this idea? Check out the Learning From Kids section in Evolving Learner.

Being stuck at home the past year has led to many "SORRY" moments by my six-year-old. You know - drops something "SORRY" - spills something "SORRY" - breaks something "SORRY" - gets angry "SORRY"... over and over again. One of my favorite things about picture books is that it allows kids to learn from the stories' characters. The real magic is the conversations after the stories. Kids get it, AND kids can teach it.

Watch as Micah and I discuss Melody McAllister's I'm Sorry Story.


Would you like to try this with your own child? Purchase the book here ➡️ I'm Sorry Story

Bonus ⭐️ there are discussion questions and activities listed at the end of the book.


I'm Sorry Story is appropriate for all ages. Check out these resources to continue the conversation after you've read the book.

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