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Summer Learning From Home

After a ‘typical’ end to the school year, we envision ourselves running out the doors of the school screaming, “SUMMMMMEEEERRRRR!!!!!!”, papers flying out of our bag and we jump into the nearest pool. And no, we are not referring to students.

But in what will go down as one of the STRANGEST ends to a school year ever, after flipping classrooms and figuring out new tools for #distancelearning, many of us are hoping to take a little of this time to hone our skills, pick up new ideas or even find a creative outlet. In the spirit of #LearningfromtheWorld, we have collected some useful, unique and FREE tools from around the education community that might pique your interest in the summer months!

Readers Gonna Read

  • BookCampPD: Learn throughout the summer with educators around the globe, focused on curated books in June, July & August. First up- #evolvinglearner!

Articles and Sites Worth Learning From


Webinars and Beyond

  • CTA Webinars The California Teachers Association hosts a variety of free webinars on a variety of topics.

  • Corwin Webinars These bi-monthly Monday afternoon webinars are free and cover a variety of topics from authors and experts, including PLCs, Connecting with Students, Transforming Instruction and more. Check out their latest calendar to see what catches your eye!

  • Newsela On-Demand Webinars

  • EdWeek On-Demand Webinars

Social Media Mania

Like we discuss in ‘Learning From the World’, finding some great hashtags to follow can be a great way to delve into new ideas! Want to learn about UDL? There are a hashtag for that. Need more resources for EL students? There’s dozens of hashtags that guide to loads of tools. Wondering what the deal is with HyperDocs or scratching your head about the Flipped Classroom model? You guessed it- there’s a hashtag for that. Here are a few to get you started on Twitter:

Facebook groups are also a GOLD MINE for great ideas! If you are new to Facebook Groups or have questions, check out this awesome post by the EduBlogger. Find a group that sparks interest with you- maybe try:

These summer ‘diving boards’ are by no means exhaustive and simply meant to help you jump into uncharted waters! Try something new, follow a hunch, be creative, delve into that ‘thing’ you’ve always wanted to try! The point is- we NEVER. STOP. LEARNING!

What are you loving this summer? How are you learning? Share with us below or on social media and tag #evolvinglearner!

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